PCB Mounting Kit Type 2

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PCB Mounting Kit Type 2.

If you are used to mounting PCB's with the normal PCB feet, you can relate to the pain when it comes to installing or removing the PCB.  This kit makes it a lot easier to mount a PCB inside the cabinet.  Need to take a PCB out?  Easy, remove the pegs and slide the PCB out.

This kit includes:

  • 8 Brackets 
  • 8 Pegs

Multiple colors are available.

If you do not care if all the sets are the same color on multiple quantities, select "Mixed Sets" for the color. Each set will be the same color, however, you may get multiple colors in the same order.  This will speed up the delivery of your order since I may already have enough in different colors printed to fill your order.

PCBS are NOT included.

Brackets may not be suitable for transportation of a game as the pegs could come loose and fall out.  We recommend that when transporting a game using these brackets you make sure the PCB is secure or remove it from the game.

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